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Board Member

Project Director

David, who answers to Dave, Wayne, "hey you," or Mr. Eng, is a Texas native born and mostly raised in San Antonio. His initial start to the moving medium (film) orginated with digital photography in 2003, which he has been dabbling in since. His introduction to film medium started with Leon Cowan (CBF Board Badass!), whom he met through a mutual friend and played as assistant to in more than one occasion. 

On paper, David has a double business degree from Texas State University - San Marcos. He later acquired a Masters Degree in Business from Texas A&M San Antonio in Project Management.  He currently works for the State of Texas in Information Technology with over a decade of experience.


He is a techy who brings his eye for detail and an objective attitude to Carbon Based Films, where he is a student of film and a perpetual student of life. 

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