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In 2013 award-winning communicator Jeff Brody was hosting a hugely successful weekly video series at a Fortune 50 company when the acting bug bit him for good.  He met up with Leon Cowan, an experienced director of photography, and Jay Dunn, an Austin-based musician and artist. Together they formed the core of the group.


Unsure of what to call the operation, they jotted "TBD" on the cocktail napkin at the very first meeting, and the group went on to be known as "TBD Productions," which produced some of the company's first works. In 2015, the group decided the talent and skill were ready to make the jump into a full-fledged film production company. Seven investors were brought on board, and Carbon Based Films, LLC was officially born in early 2016.


CBF is already well recognized as one of San Antonio's top film and video production companies specializing in independent film and branded content. Known for our unwavering dedication to quality and our eco-friendly approach, CBF has curated the best production talent in South Texas and represent some of the most creative people in the industry. With an authentic and flexible approach, CBF is a solution for filmmakers and companies seeking superior story and picture.


Carbon Based Films is proud to be an eco-friendly filmmaking group. We strive to incorporate as many green practices suggested by the Environment Media Association, the only environmental nonprofit within the entertainment industry, as shown below.


  • Using recycled paper products

  • Encourage the use of reusable water bottles instead of disposables

  • Replacing tungsten bulbs with efficient fluorescents

  • Replacing CRT monitors with power-saving LCD displays

  • Replacing old appliances and HVAC components with Energy-Star rated equipment

  • Reusing Set Pieces and Supplies

  • No-Idle Rule for waiting trucks and talent transportation

  • Provides recycling receptacles for glass, paper, cardboard, cans, and wood.

If you are an industry vendor (ex. caterer, hair/make up, etc.) who has already implemented green practices into your business and would like to work with Carbon Based Films, please reach out to us.


Learn more about the guidelines set forth by the EMA Green Seal program to ensure that we are doing all that we can to provide a clean future for everyone.

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