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An action-packed Western comedy makes up the "film within the film" on the set of the upcoming Amazon series Public Displays of Insanity. Starring Brent Rock, Adam Duncan, Jeff Brody, and Serena Pariss.

500 Days

A heart-wrenching scene re-creation from the award-winning film 500 Days of Summer, starring Jeff Brody and Paulina Manseau.

Boxed In

Carbon Based Films proudly presents Boxed In, starring Jeff Brody and Jen Lauray. This short film originally created for the Four Points Film Project, copyright 2015.

Warning Signs

Carbon Based Films and TBD Productions – San Antonio 48 Hour Film Project

One Last Run

Jimmie wants out of the drug running business that he hides from  his wife, but not before Tony makes him go on one more job.

Circle 7

War, friendship, and sacrifice are more than words when not everybody comes back home.

Carbon Based Films Pre-roll

Just can’t get enough of that cool animation that plays before all of our films? Wait no more.

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